Mold Monitor

Mold Monitor
Product parameters
Model ZC-501 ZC-501T ZC-701T
Hard disk 60G(Max. Save 5000pcs, NG Picture) 120G(Max. Save 10000pcx, NG Picture) 120G(Max. Save 1000pcs, NG Picture)
Resolution 1366*768 1920*1280 1920*1280
Touch screen 11.6吋 11.6吋 13.3吋
MS 0.18s 0.15s 0.15s
Size of Monitor 330x240x40mm 330x240x40mm 343x222x35mm
CPU Intel 3865U Intel i3 7100 Intel i3 7100
Power DC24V/50W DC24V/60W DC24V/60W
Power supply of Camera 48V/POE 48V/POE 48V/POE
Pixel 130-500 mp 130-500 mp 130-500 mp
Lens Zoom 5-50mm 5-50mm 5-50mm
Working Temp. 0-55°C 0-55°C 0-55°C
Loadable Support 2 cameras, production report function Support 4 cameras, production report function Max. supports 8 cameras, supports color cameras, and supports multi-camera mode for individual photography

※Based on the technical upgrade, the technical parameters of the product are subject to change without notice.

Accessories reference chart
  • Gigabit network industrial camera

  • Infrared

  • IO board of 6 in and out

  • High-flex signal wire

  • Opend, Close Power

Working principle and flow chart
Working principle and flow chart
Big Data Services
  • Version 2.0 adds the billboard big data function to record the OK/NG status of each running time.
  • Generate histograms every hour, output to EXCEL through USB, and reduce the statistical work of personnel.
  • It may connect with network to the MES of customer & point to the specified folder automatically.
Big Data Services
Application cade