LTJ6-B Industrial robot

LTJ6-B Industrial robot
Main Specification
Model LTJ6-B
Rated payload 6KG
Reach radius 900/1000mm
Constructure Connect
Axes 6
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Max. Working range Axis 1 rotation ±170°
Axis 2 arm ±100°~-130°
Axis 3 arm ±120°~-66°
Axis 4 wrist ±185°
Axis 5 bemd ±135°
Axis 6 turn ±360°
Max .Rotation rate Axis 1 rotation 247°/sec
Axis 2 arm 248°/sec
Axis 3 arm 297°/sec
Axis 4 wrist 278°/sec
Axis 5 bemd 370°/sec
Axis 6 turn 600˚/sec
Weight ≈53KG
Installation Ground Mounting, Bracket Mounting, Upside Down Mounting
Ambient Temperature -20°C~8 0°C
Suitable model 50T-180T

※ Based on the technical upgrade, the technical parameters of the product are subject to change without notice.

Flange drawing
Base installation drawing